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Rafuse, J. (1996). Seventy-five years later, insulin remains Canada's major medical-research coup.

Rai, M. K. (1995). A review of some antidiabetic plants of India.

Raine, J. E. (2001). Practical endocrinology and diabetes in children. Oxford; Malden, MA, Blackwell Science.

Rajala, U. and y. Oulun (1997). Depressive symptoms and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus among the middle-aged. Oulu, Oulun Yliopisto.

Rajalakshmi, S. and G. Veluchamy (1999). Yugi's pramegam and diabetes mellitus: an analogue.

Rajapakse, N. R. and L. G. s. K. s. a. S. T. s. S. o. M. King's College (2001). Skin manifestations in diabetes. London, University of London.

Rajasekharan, S. and G. S. Raju (1982). Certain concepts of "prameha" (diabetes) in ayurveda (Indian system of medicine), with special reference to the relationship between ancient Indian and modern thoughts.

Rajbhandari, S. M. (2004). Pathogenesis and progression of chronic complications of diabetes.

Raje, D., E. Y. S. A. Morrison, et al. (1996). 2nd Annual Postgraduate Course and International Conference: February 22-25, 1996, Jamaica Grande, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Kingston, University of the West Indies.

Rakow, R. (1979). Podiatric management of the diabetic foot. Mount Kisco, Futura Publishing.

Ralfe, C. H. (1887). Phosphatic diabetes.

Ralli, E. P. (1965). The management of the diabetic patient: a practical guide. New York, G. P. Putnam.

Rames, I. (1996). Dieta a diabetes mellitus.

Ramili, R. and M. University of Southampton. School of (2003). Body composition in pre-pubertal children with Type 1 diabetes, Original typescript.

Ramin, S. M. (2001). Medical complications of pregnancy. Philadelphia, Pa.; London, W.B. Saunders.

Ramsay, G. (1998). Commercial biosensors: applications to clinical, bioprocess, and environmental samples. New York; Chichester, J. Wiley.

Ramtoola, S. (1999). Diabetes and pregnancy in Mauritius, University of Bristol.

Randle, P. S. (1990). Frank George Young, 25 March 1908-20 September 1988: elected F.R.S. 1949.

Rankin, J. M., R. Bhopal, et al. (1997). Factors influencing heart disease and diabetes in South Asians: the South Tyneside heart study. Newcastle, University of Newcastle.

Rapaport, E. (1994). Cardiology and co-existing disease. New York; Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone.

Rapaport, W. S. (1998). When diabetes hits home: the whole family's guide to emotional health. Alexandria, Va.; [Great Britain], American Diabetes Association.

Raptis, S. A., G. Dimitriadis, et al., Eds. (1992). Pathogenesis and management of human diabetes mellitus: Workshop: 23rd Annual meeting: Papers, Thieme.

Raptis, S., G. Dimitriades, et al. (1992). Pathogenesis and management of human diabetes mellitus: workshop at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation 1989, Athens, Greece. Stuttgart; New York, Thieme: Thieme Medical.

Raptis, S., J. Church, et al. (1984). Diabetes mellitus: achievements and scepticism. London, Royal Society of Medicine.

Raskin, P. (1982). Symposium on diabetes mellitus. Philadelphia; London, Saunders.

Raskin, P. and A. American Diabetes (1994). Medical management of non-insulin-dependent (type II) diabetes. Alexandria, Va., American Diabetes Association.

Raskin, P. and D. European Association for the Study of, Eds. (2003). Presentations from the symposium held on the occasion of the 38th annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), Elsevier.

Rauchwerger, L. and B. Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität zu (1905). Ueber Glykosurie und Diabetes bei Morbus Basedowii.

Rawles, J. M. (1980). Advances in the management of diabetes. Aberdeen, The author.

Rawles, J. M. (1981). Advances in the treatment of diabetes. Chelmsford, Graves Medical Audiovisual Lib.

Rawling, L., S. University of Newcastle upon Tyne. School of Clinical Medical, et al. (2002). Trafficking of neutrophil granules in the first-degree relatives of people with Type 2 diabetes. Newcastle upon Tyne, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Rayman, G. A. (1992). Cutaneous vascular haemodynamics in diabetes mellitus.

Raymond Michael, W. (1992). The human side of diabetes: beyond doctors, diets, and drugs. Chicago, Noble Press.

Raynaud, M., M. S. Foster, et al. (1879). Note sur un cas d'énorme dilatation des voies biliaires, avec périangiocholite chronique et hypertrophie des glandes péricanaliculaires. [s. l.], [s. n.].

Rayner, M. L. (2002). The role of polymorphic amino acid residues of HLA class II molecules in susceptibility to type 1A diabetes. Birmingham, University of Birmingham.

Rayner, M., S. Petersen, et al. (2001). Coronary heart disease statistics: diabetes supplement; 2001 edition; British Heart Foundation statistics database 2001, British Heart Foundation.

Raz, I., J. S. Skyler, et al. (2003). Diabetes: from research to diagnosis and treatment. London, Martin Dunitz.

Raza, H., S. Nari Kallyan, et al. (1999). 'Oh, sugar!' a seminar on diabetes and incontinence, 17th June 1999. Edinburgh, Nari Kallyan Shangho.

Rea, C. A. (1991). Glycation and the production of reactive oxygen species: possible link in the pathogenesis of the vascular complications of diabetes. Birmingham, University of Birmingham.

Reader, D. and M. Franz (1988). Pass the pepper please! healthy meal planning for people on sodium restricted diets. Wayzata, Minnesota, Diabetes Center.

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