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Yellowlees, W. W. (1991). Tribute to Cleave: forgotten prophet.

Yoga, I. (1987). Yoga therapy in asthma, diabetes and heart disease: principles, practice, scientific results. Bombay, Yoga Institute.

Young Frank, G. (1939). [Offprints on diabetes not catalogued separately.].

Young, F. G. and B. British Medical (1960). Insulin and diabetes. London, Medical Dept., British Council.

Young, F. G. S. (1937). Permanent experimental diabetes by pituitary (anterior lobe) injections.

Young, F. G. S. (1937). Permanent experimental diabetes produced by pituitary (anterior lobe) injections.

Young, R. O. (2005). The pH miracle for diabetes. London, Time Warner.

Young, R. O. and S. R. Young (2005). The pH miracle for diabetes: the revolutionary lifestyle plan for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. London, Time Warner.

Young, S. F., W. A. Broom, et al. (1960). The mechanism of action of insulin: a symposium organized by the British Insulin Manufacturers. Oxford, Blackwell Scientific.

Young, V. B., W. A. Kormos, et al. (2004). Blueprints medicine. Malden, Mass.; Oxford, Blackwell.

Youngson, R. M. (1987). Learning to live with diabetes. London, Corgi.

Younker, K. E. (2002). The best diabetes cookbook. Toronto; [Great Britain], Robert Rose.

Yudkin, J. (1972). Sweet and dangerous: the new facts about the sugar you eat as a cause of heart disease, diabetes, and other killers. New York, Peter H. Wyden.

Yung, B. (2001). The diagnosis, pathogenesis, clinical consequences and management of cystic fibrosis related diabetes.

Zafar, R. and Neerja (1991). 'Momordica charantia': a review.

Zambarakji, H. J. and O. University of Nottingham. Theses (1999). Quantification of macular oedema by confocal scanning laser tomography.

Zammit Maempel, J. V. (1979). Collected papers on clinical research in diabetes in Malta and its cardiovascular complications and some other cardiological topics. Malta, University Press.

Zanone Maria, M. (1998). Evaluation of the role of autoimmunity in the pathogenesis of neuropathy in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, University of London.

Zárate-Trevino, A. (1995). Algunas consideraciones históricas del diagnóstico de la diabetes mellitus.

Zeisel, S. H. and I. Medeor Interactive. (1999). "Diabetes and weight management: aberrations in glucose metabolism.".

Zeisel, S. H., C. Plaisted, et al. (2000). Diabetes and weight management: aberrations and glucose metabolism: academic version 3.0. Chapel Hill, NC., Medeor Interactive.

Zhang, L. and S. University of (2000). Effect of streptozotocin induced diabetes on the susceptibility of ex vivo rat heart.

Zhang, S. (1993). Molecular aspects of pancreatic islet cell defence mechanisms in type I diabetes, Original typescript.

Zhang, Y. and M. University of Oxford. Faculty of Clinical (1996). Molecular genetics of type 2 diabetes.

Zhao, H. (2000). Epidemiological studies of childhood onset type 1 diabetes in Devon and Cornwall, University of Plymouth.

Ziegler, H. and B. Universität (1908). Häufigkeit, Verbreitung und Begleiterscheinungen des Diabetes mellitus in der Schweiz: statistische Erhebungen aus den Jahren 1901-1905.

Zierath, J. R. and H. Wallberg-Henriksson (2002). Muscle metabolism. London, Taylor & Francis.

Zimmer, C. (1871). Der Diabetes Mellitus, sein Wesen und seine Behandlung, Leipzig.

Zimmer, K. (1880). Die Muskeln eine Quelle, Muskelarbeit ein Heilmittel bei Diabetes. Karlsbad, Hans Feller.

Zimmer, K. (1883). Ein Beitrag zur Lehre vom Diabetes Mellitus, Karlsbad.

Zimmermann, O. C. (1945). Die erste Beschreibung von Symptomen des experimentellen Pankreas-Diabetes durch den Schweizer Johann Conrad Brunner (1653-1727).

Zimmet, P. and M. Cohen (1997). Clinician's manual on non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. London, Science Press.

Zimmet, P. and M. Cohen (2000). Clinician's manual on Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. London, Science Press.

Zoneraich, S. (1994). Unravelling the conundrums of the diabetic heart diagnosed in 1876: prelude to genetics.

Zoubi Salha, A. (1995). The effects of experimental diabetes and therapeutic intervention on rat intestinal epithelium, University of Nottingham.

Zoubi, S. A. and M. University of Nottingham. Theses. Human (1995). The effect of experimental diabetes and therapeutic intervention on rat intestinal epithelium.

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