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Grube, K. (1893). Ueber das Verhalten des Patellarreflexes bei Diabetes mellitus.

Grube, K. (1895). Einige Beobachtungen über die Bedeutung des Kalkes bei Diabetes mellitus. Munchen, J.F. Lehmann.

Grube, K. (1895). Tabes oder Diabetes mellitus?. Leipzig, Metzger & Wittig.

Grube, K. (1898). On the different forms of albuminuria in diabetes mellitus. [s.l.], [s.n.].

Gruber, W., G. Diabetes Health Economics Study, et al. (2000). The economics of diabetes and diabetes care: a report of a Diabetes Health Economics Study Group. Brussels, International Diabetes Federation.

Gruessner, R. W. G. and D. E. R. Sutherland (2004). Transplantation of the pancreas. New York; London, Springer.

Grunberger, G. and Y. Zick (2002). Insulin signaling: from cultured cells to animal models. London, New York, Taylor & Francis.

Grundy, S. M. (2004). Metabolic syndrome. Philadelphia, Saunders.

Grunnet, J. (1957). Heredity in diabetes mellitus: a proband study. Opera ex Domo biologiae hereditariae humanae Universitatis Hafniensis; v. 39. Copenhagen: 128 p.

Grunnet, J. and S. Berggreen (1957). Heredity in Diabetes Mellitus. A proband study. (Translated by Sheila Berggreen.) [A thesis.]. Copenhagen, Ejnar Munksgaard.

Gu, K., C. C. Cowie, et al. (1999). Diabetes and decline in heart disease mortality in US adults.

Guelpa, G., O. Jennings, et al. (1912). Auto-intoxication and disintoxication: an account of a new fasting treatment in diabetes and other chronic diseases. London, Rebman Limited.

Guillausseau, P.-J., P. Valensi, et al. (2003). Picture tests in diabetes mellitus as a cardiovascular disease. London, Excerpta Medica Publications.

Guillemin, R. and M. International Pharmacological (1962). Plenary session: Pharmacological control of release of hormones including antidiabetic drugs. New York, Macmillan.

Gulledge, J., S. Beard, et al. (1999). Diabetes management: clinical pathways, guidelines, and patient education. Gaithersburg, Md., Aspen Publishers.

Gulliford, C. (1997). Blood pressure in children and adolescents with insulin dependent diabetes, Original typescript.

Gupta, S. (1984). Immunology of clinical and experimental diabetes. New York; London, Plenum Medical Book Co.

Guthrie, D. W. (2000). Alternative and complementary diabetes care: how to combine natural and traditional therapies. New York; Chichester, Wiley.

Guthrie, D. W. and R. A. Guthrie (1977). Nursing management of diabetes mellitus. Saint Louis, Mosby; London: Distributed by Kimpton.

Guthrie, D. W. and R. A. Guthrie (1997). The diabetes sourcebook: today's methods and ways to give yourself the best care. Los Angeles; Chicago, Lowell House: Contemporary Books.

Guthrie, D. W. and R. A. Guthrie (2002). Nursing management of diabetes mellitus: a guide to the pattern approach. New York, Springer.

Guthrie, D. W. and R. A. Guthrie (2004). The diabetes sourcebook. New York; London, McGraw-Hill.

Guy, M. and A. British Diabetic (1993). Recommendations for the management of diabetes in primary care. London, British Diabetic Association.

Guy, M. and A. Cambridge Health (1991). The development for a specification for diabetes services: final report to the DHA project, Cambridge Health Authority.

Gwilt, D. J. and O. University of (1986). The role of metabolic imbalance and infarct size in the determination of hospital mortality and morbidity in patients with diabetes mellitus after myocardial infarction, University of Oxford.

Gyaram, H. (1986). Introduction to diabetes. [Mauritius], Mauritius Diabetes Center.

Gyaram, H. (1987). Introduction au diabète. [Port-Louis], [New Printing].

Gyaram, H. and D. National Seminar on (1987). Proceedings of the 1st National Seminar on Diabetes: auditorium, University of Mauritius Reduit, 18th June 1986, [Mauritius].

Gyaram, H., D. National Seminar on, et al. (1988). Proceedings of the 2nd National Seminar on Diabetes: auditorium, University of Mauritius, Réduit, 21st Nov. 1987. [Mauritius, s.n.].

Haas, R. and K. Massey (1997). Permanent remissions: life-extending diet strategies that can help prevent and reverse cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. New York; London, Pocket Books.

Habener, J. F. and M. A. Hussain (2001). Molecular basis of pancreas development and function. Norwell, Mass., Kluwer Academic.

Hack, N. (1982). Glycoconjugate abnormalities in renal membranes in diabetes mellitus: 258 leaves, 7 leaves of plates.

Hackett, A. F. and T. University of Newcastle upon (1987). Food intake of children with diabetes mellitus before and after a programme of education, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Hadden (1979). An introduction to diabetes mellitus. London, Graves Medical Audiovisual Library.

Hadden, D. R. (1998). A historical perspective on gestational diabetes. [Alexandria, VA, etc.], American Diabetes Association.

HÆring Christian Heinrich, A. (1855). Einige Beobachtungen über Diabetes Mellitus. Inauguraldissertation, etc.

Haffner Steven, M. and D. European Association for the Study of, Eds. (2000). Advances in oxidative stress, W B Saunders Company.

Haffner, S. M. (2002). Type 2 diabetes: unravelling its causes and consequences: a compendium of classic papers. [Cambridge], PAREXEL MMS.

Hagander, B. and S. Lunds universitet. Department of Community Health (1987). Fibre and the diabetic diet: an evaluation of the metabolic response to standardized meals. Stockholm, Acta Medica Scandinavica.

Hagbard, L. (1961). Pregnancy and diabetes mellitus. Springfield, Illinois, Charles C. Thomas.

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