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Belfiore, F., R. N. Bergman, et al. (1993). Current topics in diabetes research. Basel; London, Karger.

Belfiore, F., S. Iannello, et al. (1984). Advances in world diabetes research: reviewed contents of 1982's major diabetes congresses. Basel; New York, Karger.

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Bell, E. (2004). The assessment of human islets for transplantation and the effect of the immunosuppressant Rapamycin on MIN-6 cells, rat and human islets: 168 p.

Bell, E. T. (1948). Experimental diabetes mellitus. Oxford, Blackwell Scientific.

Bell, E. T. (1960). Diabetes mellitus; a clinical and pathological study of 2529 cases. Springfield, Ill., Thomas.

Bell, G. H., R. Stakes, et al. (1994). Action research, special needs and school development. London, D. Fulton.

Bell, H. (1842). An essay on diabetes. London, A. Pigott.

Bell, H. and A. Markwick (1842). An Essay on Diabetes. Translated by Alfred Markwick. London, A. Pigott.

Bell, H. and A. Markwick (1842). An essay on diabetes.: By H. Bell. Translated by Alfred Markwick. London, A. Pigott, Kennington Common; Highley, Fleet Street. Hamilton and Co., Paternoster Row.

Bell, V. and M. University of Southampton. School of (2004). "The lost tribe" caring for young adults with type 1 diabetes, are we getting it right?, Original typescript.

Bell, W. B. (1896). Diabetes mellitus in early infancy.

Bellenir, K. (1998). Diabetes sourcebook: basic consumer health information about Type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent or juvenile-onset diabetes), Type 2 diabetes (noninsulin-dependent or adult-onset diabetes), gestational diabetes, and related disorders. Detroit, MI, Omnigraphics.

Bellingham, A. J., L. Royal College of Physicians of, et al. (1980). Advanced medicine. Tunbridge Wells, Pitman Medical [for the] Royal College of Physicians of London.

Belmonte, M. M. (1983). The diabetic child and young adult: a primer for parents and professionals. Montreal, Eden Press.

Ben Mahmud, B. M. and L. G. s. K. s. a. S. T. s. S. o. M. King's College (2003). Raised activity of core 2 GlcNAc-T in leukocytes of diabetic patients: a mechanism underlying capillary occlusion in retinopathy.

Bendich, A., R. K. Chandra, et al. (1990). Micronutrients and immune functions: Cytokines and metabolism. New York, N.Y., New York Academy of Sciences.

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Benedetti, M. (2000). Proceedings of a symposium on the importance of control of post-prandial peaks and hypoglycaemic valleys of diabetes, Medicom International.

Benedict, F. G. and E. P. Joslin (1910). Metabolism in diabetes mellitus, Washington.

Benedict, F. G. and E. P. Joslin (1912). A study of metabolism in severe diabetes. Washington, D.C, Carnegie institution of Washington.

Benn, G. and B. Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität zu (1912). Ueber die Häufigkeit des Diabetes mellitus im Heer.

Benn, J. J. (1992). Studies in glucose and lactate metabolism. Cambridge, Cambridge University.

Bennet, W. M. (1990). The effect of insulin and amino acids on muscle and whole body protein turnover in patients with type 1 diabetes.

Bennett William, M. and A. McCarron David (1994). Pharmacology and management of hypertension. New York, N.Y., Churchill Livingstone.

Bennett, M. (1969). The peripatetic diabetic. New York, Hawthorn Books.

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Benson, W. E., G. C. Brown, et al. (1988). Diabetes and its ocular complications. Philadelphia; London, Saunders.

Berdanier, C. D. and N. Moustaid-Moussa (2004). Genomics and proteomics in nutrition. New York; [London, Marcel Dekker: Taylor & Francis, distributor].

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Berger, W. (1986). Metabolic control in diabetes mellitus; Beta adrenoceptor blocking drugs; NMR analysis of cancer cells; Immunoassay in the clinical laboratory; Cyclosporine. Berlin, Springer-Verlag.

Berger, W. and P. Waibel (1971). Akrale Lasionen Diabetes Biguanide Hyperlipidamie Procs conf. Aarhus, Feb. 1971, Verlag Hans Huber.

Berglund, J. and N. Karolinska Sjukhuset. Department of Medicine. Division of (1988). Studies of cardiovascular and renal function in subclinical and manifest diabetic nephropathy. Stockholm, Acta Medica Scandinavica.

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Bergman, M. and G. A. Sicard (1991). Surgical management of the diabetic patient. New York, Raven Press.

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